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Praveen PCG Designer
Praveen Gethsemane (PCG Designer)


Praveen Gethsemane (PCG Designer)

Design is my passion since my childhood. The journey started with a personal blog, seven years ago slowly – slowly, I have begun to help people with building websites for their business and services now I have turned my passion into a profession.

I have designed websites for different types of businesses and services. Along the way of a website designing journey for years, I have learned what the exact PROS and CONS are and how to use & avoid them.


Working Process

When I’m working on a design project, I always follow specific steps. In this way, I can keep everything organized and create moment by moment to discuss the project with my client.

Also, I always handle one project at a time so that I can complete the taken project on time, and give the best value for my clients.

Optimized SEO Services
WordPress Website Design Service

Non-Coded Sites

My Unique Designs

We are living in an era where technology has been grown and people want to get things done faster, then why spending money on coded sites where you don’t have the right to make changes or depended on the developers.

I understand the pain of making changes on websites without coding knowledge. My unique design helps my clients to make the changes from their end without any experts if you can edit word documents then you can handle your website from your end to make changes.


Your Website is Clicks Away

In the first part of the project, I mainly ask questions and talk to my clients about what they want. I want to get a super clear picture of what I want. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with the delivery.

After understanding having an idea about the project and customer needs, I can start designing the first part of the website. When it is a big project I will share my first few demo pages of design when they agree, I continue with the visual design. This will encourage me to add details and make them come to life.

Once the design is done, and my client is happy with the final design. Then I will install WordPress and the required functions that I need for the project.

After this process, I will share created pages one by one to my clients with preview links to verify the final process to get feedback on the live site and assures my client that they get the things that they want.

Once the website designing and development part completes, I share a final work with my client. The client will look into the output result, and user experience, and details if there is any need I will edit any aspect to make the website perfect.

After a final check, I will put the website live and give it the necessary optimization for Google and page speed. 

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Let’s get to know each other.

Find out if we’re a good fit for each other by scheduling a free consultation with me. Don’t worry. I won’t try to upsell you on anything or give you any sales pitches – I’ll ask you a few questions and help you decide the best solution for your website.